Erroll Shand

CV & Resume

Erroll's list of credits get more diverse with each year - blue collar / grass roots characters like in "Stihl - The Next Generation" " (a tvc which became part of pop culture in NZ), Dean - The Brother (short film), Gunna Gibson (Sunny Skies), "The Man" from Whisker. Historic figures such as Sir Isaac Newton, French king Vercingetorix (Roman Empire) or underworld hardmen - Terry Clark (Underbelly), Wanye "Chocka" Fahey (Harry), Tony Michaels (Safehouse), Karl Riechman (Filthy Rich). Lawyers - Jim Larsen (Dear Murderer), Hugh (Outrageous Fortune) to Military yes man Lft. Wormsley (The Water Horse). Loveable rogues like Danny (Almighty Johnsons), the faulted academic, David Grant in Passion in Paradise and loving family man Dave in The Z Nail Gang.

A diverse range to say the least.

Many of his characters have been noted on the NZ on screen site.

Erroll has been fortunate to be able to work on some challenging and rewarding productions over the last few decades and you can find all of these in his current CV and on his profile on any of the following industry sites; IMC, Lion Rock Management, IMDB, Showcast or Actors Access.