Erroll Shand

Erroll Shand


A NZ born and Australian trained actor, Erroll has worked predominately in the mediums of Film and TV. He consolidated his theatrical beginnings and gained a Bachelor of Theatre Arts with a major in Acting from the University of Southern Queensland in Australia.

Beginning his professional career in Sydney, it now spans well over a decade and it includes a variety of impressive industry names and titles, with directors and producers and locations stretching all over the globe. Erroll's diverse body of work has been a reflection of the style and strength he brings to the screen, from feature films to television dramas, comedy to theatre his characters are complex, engaging and leave you wanting more.

The role that propelled Erroll into a new league of on screen villains was that of the infamous Mr Big of the Mr Asia Syndicate "Terry Clark" in Underbelly - Land of the Long Green Cloud. This was a role that truly enabled Erroll to flesh out a character for the screen and find his feet and impact as a performer by marrying process and a wealth of research material - a dream job to be given the challenge of embodying NZ's most notorious drug dealer.

Since then he's developed an impressive list of dangerous antagonists, like "Chocka Fahey", who wouldn't have been out of place in Sons of Anarchy, to "Tony Micheals" in "Safehouse" and the latest of the bunch "Karl Riechman" in TVNZ's 20 episode drama "Filthy Rich" which aired earlier this year. A current work in development is the feature film "Blind Panic" which is a locally made thriller just starting to build momentum with the goal to shoot early next year. If you are interested in finding out more about this project please check out Blind Panic the film.

Expanding a range of diverse characters, Erroll has schooled us as the faulted romantic lead "David Grant", in the TV series "Passion in Paradise" and created a reluctant protagonist, surfer and potter "Dave" in the beautiful independent feature film "The Z Nail Gang" but in 2016 his ability to transform himself once again was seen; firstly a Texan arms dealer in the Universal Cable Production's series "Hunters" produced by Gale Anne Hurd and then in Alison Maclean's film "The Rehearsal" as the washed out Tennis coach George Saladin. The final installment for the year is "Little Secret" (Pequeno Segredo), this film has been nominated as the Brazilian submission for best foreign film at the 2017 Oscars and is set to show him in a brand new light; a father who's world tragically slips from his finger tips. "Little Secret" is a love story steeped in tragedy that reveals the bilingual tale of a family fighting for life against adversity, in the incredible and magical biographical story of Kat Schurmann.

For a current and complete work history please see Erroll's CV or take a look at the Current Showreel and previous performances on the Showreel page.